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logoOur mark was easy to make: we did a research in the Faenza Library and then we got it made  on a ceramic dish by a good ceramist.  That was a long time ago, but my passion is stronger than ever. Two years ago my son MASSIMILIANO  joined the business, and this fact encouraged me even more. Now our farm is surrounded by 34 hectares of land grown almost exclusively with grapes. We make several wines and our constant aim is to improve the quality and to cultivate our image, now that wines from Romagna are known and appreciated all over the world.

I think this is the best way for a small farm like ours. Our most famous wine is SANGIOVESE DI ROMAGNA   in the versions RISERVA (Amarcord d'un ross) and DOC of the subareas COLLI DI FAENZA SANGIOVESE ...(RENERO).  SANGIOVESE is the only "international" italian grape variety: it is used as a base in different italian wines (but people coming from Romagna claim its primogeniture) but it is now exported to California, Argentina, Chile, South-Africa and New Zeland. This grape variety has two souls: on one hand it is typical, an expression of a local tradition and on the other it is international and with a charming name. All these characteristics emerged during the exhibition "LA Rassegna Internazionale dei vini SANGIOVESE prodotti nel mondo" (international exhibition of Sangiovese wines made all over the world) in the Rocca Sforzesca in IMOLA organized by the Enoteca Regionale (Regional collection of wines) of Emilia Romagna  November 1999.

vigneto rosso

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