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Veduta aerea Azienda Trerè






The farm TRERE' was born in the early '60ies. The founder was my father, Valeriano Trerè. He had always been a farmer, following the family's tradition, but he decided to start his own business buying 14 hectares of land on the hills of Faenza. Faenza is an ancient village of 60.000 inhabitants and it is well-known for its old traditions in ceramics.








The crafts of the “Maestri del fuoco” (the Kilnmasters) combine well with the prosperous agricolture of Romagna that finds in wine-making the perfect balance between art and technology. Some of our wines are in fact available sealed in beautiful flasks of Faenza majolica.
My father made the first three D.O.C. wines of this area: ALBANA, TREBBIANO and SANGIOVESE.  In 1976, after my arts studies, a marriage and a child, I started to get interested in my father's farm. My interst suddenly grew and turned into a real passion for wine-making. My father, who didn't expect his only daughter to love  his land so much, decided to put me in charge of the cellar.


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